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Just over 20 Km from Malindi lies its twin small resort town of Watamu. It is sandwiched between the famous Gede National Monument and Watamu Marine Park.Residents say the name ‘Watamu’ means “Sweet People” and it originated from the fact that Arab slave traders used to distribute candies to entice locals before nabbing them as slaves,but like Malindi, it has two faces, both completely different. The prettiest looks out over the ocean and is plastered with soft white sand and blessed by a soft breeze. The other looks out onto the main road, and is strewn with litter, stones and stores. Whichever you choose,it does make a good base for explorations between Malindi and Kilifi.
The beautiful and quiet beach at Watamu is fringed with coconut palms and powder white sand that stretches for about 7kms. Offshore, it is protected by a coral reef and there is a cluster of rocks, which adds more character to this unique location.It is ideal for swimming, walking, sunbathing, sailing, wind and kite surfing, scuba diving and snorkelling.300 metres from the shore is the Coral garden of Watamu Marine National Park ,possibly the finest Marine National Park in Kenya.It is home to a vast number of fish (over 600 species) and other wonderful sea-creatures.On the South is Blue Lagoon, A circular, well protected lagoon with a unique character and tranquil waters.A range of accommodation from hotels to residential houses have beautiful views overlooking the lagoon across the protective coral headlands and islands out to the Indian ocean.You can also visit the Gede Ruins, a heavily overgrown 12th century Swahili village that was mysteriously abandoned some 600 years ago. It is now a National Museum and the ruins are heavily overgrown with beautiful indigenous forest trees, baobabs and tamarind.
Watamu town itself has grown from a small coastal village into a small ramshackle settlement of huts and buildings. The town has an accelerating growth rate due to the popularity of the area as a great holiday destination, with a growing economy and population.It is also an internationally acclaimed town, frequented by billionaires such as Bill Gates of Microsoft among others. It hosts luxurious and expensive hotels like the five star Turtle Bay Beach Club and also eight mosques, a palace, several residential houses and pillar tombs at the world famous Arab town.

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