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mvuli suites

A cry to the nation to Africans to promote our own tourism. The difference between a foreigner and a local tourist is not the budget, destination or itinerary but the way that tourist sees what’s in front of him/her. One tourist once said success is not all about the resources wealth and the opportunities one gets but also the mindset of the individual

A cry to the nation to Africans where tourism is mostly referred to as a western culture practiced mostly by the wealthy society. Mindset has made the likes of mvuli suites the Hiltons and the Serena’s  being left for the abroad guests. As much as we improve on the cleanliness, technology, comfort, facilities, and the staff of this hotel our locals cannot appreciate us instead creating seasons for us i.e. high, low and medium seasons

A cry to the nation to grab tourism today and grab our fellow Africans otels hands and lure them to make love the currency of our tourism industry, let’s try pay with our hearts and see if we can run bankrupt .charity begins at home

A cry to the nation to stand up and own our own. We want to book for Africans accommodations and have the highest number of our guests to be locals. Let’s not value what we receive and how much we can grasp from the western because whenever they come all they do is give newspapers to us blind Africans to read

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  1. Interesting post and good luck for your vision of improving local tourism.

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