A one million dollar experience


After roughly 12 hours of drive from the capital of Uganda kampala to Nairobi the bus came to a halt at around 10pm. I was accompanied by my good friend Sammy Wetala whom I knew for a good time back then in Uganda. We alighted from the bus looking exhausted and worn out. Sammy’s dad was to come pick him up and I was on transit to Tanzania though I was to break my journey in Nairobi for 8 hours before I could resume the next morning at 6 AM. Looking confused and tired I asked Sammy to recommend me to a hotel where I could at least refresh myself and rest a bit for my next journey to Tanzania. Sammy hesitantly asked me what type of hotel I wanted. Due to the long journey and fatigue my head was just focused on laying down and closing my eyes though one thing that I told him it should be near the bus station.


Sammy thought of an accommodation for a while and since it was my first time in Nairobi I guess he wanted me to enjoy my first night in a more relaxed and memorable manner. It was then that he proposed mvuli suites and i heard the opportunity to hear about it. He told me that the hotel was just a 4 minutes drive from the place we were and that it had a fantastic view of Nairobi and most especially the Nairobi River with a national park beside it. He opted to take me there as I had no idea where to catch a cab and where the mvuli suites where located. On our way he cracked a joke that I could chat the whole night with all my girlfriends that I had left them hanging back then in Uganda due to the free WI-FI.

Within a blink of an eye we were in the famous mvuli suites.the security guards opened the gates for us checked us. I started feeling secure and relaxed coz I knew all was well. Without wasting much time we checked in at the reception and I was showed my room. By now the fatigue and the dizziness was all fading away as I walked around the corridors of mvuli suits. I couldn’t believe where I was at a moment I wished someone could slap me to confirm that I was not dreaming. it was my first time to enter into an organized clean and well furnished building like the one I was  seeing. The floor was tiled and carpeted at some point, the paintings reminded of the famous painting in the world of mona lisa by Leonardo da  vinci. I really felt like I could stay there the rest of my life or else at list make that my home. My room was air conditioned king sized bed and had a closet. Everything was running so first in my mind full of amusement compared to the tired boy who at first wanted to just have a nap. I immediately took a warm shower and made an order for my supper. In the meantime I sat outside the balcony to have a view of the famous Nairobi city as I played along with my garget remembering the words of my friend Sammy.

I took numerous photos (selfies) so that I can have the memories along with me to show my friends back in Uganda.  I touched everything that was in my room and made sure I had taken a photo with it. As time went on my amusement faded away, had my supper and went on to watch a movie a on the flat screen tv in my room. I found myself dozing on the sofa and I couldn’t contain myself any longer so I carried myself to bed tucked in my mosquito net and within no time I was asleep compared to my experience in the village where I could first fight with mosquitoes before I could sleep. The following morning I woke up in a sluggish way wishing someone could rewind the time. I hurriedly prepared myself to check out and catch my bus which was departing at 6 AM. On my way out I passed by to the acting officer  to at list express my sincere thanks for the service, facilities probably everything coz I had no complain to make. He realy appreciated wished me a safe journey and a return to the famous mvuli suite. I got lucky to get a lift from their shuttle service which was going to the airport to pick some guests.

For sure it was an experience worth sharing and talking about and somehow a dream come true coz such experiences are mostly seen on movies with others not having the chance to go explore as I  did and all thanks to my friend Sammy Wetala

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